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We are a ski enthusiast boot workshop at its finest. We believe the most important component of your ski setup is your boots. A proper fitting ski boot will not only enhance your skiing performance, but will also provide all day comfort on the mountain. We are here to share knowledge, experience, good ski stories, and fit you at a level that will give the most rewarding experience on the mountain. We have over 25 years of experience in ski boot fitting and custom ski boot adjustments. We diagnose ski boot issues right the first time and guarantee all our work.

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Ski Boot Fitting Services:
From beginner skier to expert, we’ll get you dialed in!
Superfeet 3/4 kork custom foot bed
Shell grinding or stretching
Manufacturers liner mold
Heel lifts and wedges
L pads and ankle donuts
Lower or raise volume in boots

New terrain is opening after this storm

January 14, 2018

We skied at Loveland on Thursday and Friday and it was fantastic!  They had about 6 inches on Thursday and about a foot on Friday.  Saturday they opened up chair 4, and that had to be awesome!  Thanks Mother Nature, and please keep it coming. Go have some fun, Skiguy

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Go Dusty!

January 11, 2018

  I was fitting Aubrey in a new pair of boots and her wonderful family joined us.  We were talking and she told me about her husband Dusty who was sitting behind her.  He was very humble about this because he is cowboy, and the good ones always are!  Well, she showed me this picture…

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Check out these snow rockets

January 7, 2018

Over the last few years there has been a cool new scene of snow bikes at the areas.  The materials have changed but the over all design is still very similar. I was lucky enough to fit Chris in a new pair of Lange RX 130 ski boots, and we had plenty of time to…

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